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TYMHM: End of September

Things you might have missed this month


My regular feature sharing some interesting things that I've seen, heard or read over the last few weeks: they are Things That You Might Have Missed.

🤙🏽 I'm crazy about the idea of using sign language to communicate in video calls. One of my biggest frustrations about this digital age of meeting is that sometimes you have something simple to say, like 'Can you repeat that?' but you all end up talking over each other.
"I'm sorry, you go ahead." "No YOU go ahead" 😒

💔 This post about emergency service dogs during 9/11 both broke my heart and warmed it.

🏔 I am obsessed with expedition art, and try to do as much as I can when I travel. So when I came across this Max Romey project Trailbound Alaska to explore and document 6 trails in his backyard, I was very excited. It was bred out of a grounding from COVID19 and exploring local, but it's also about telling stories.

✊✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 I've said this many times, but using the term BAME in the UK to refer to Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic is a tricky one. We are a broad group with a wide range of different wants, needs and challenges. In response to similar thoughts (and other excellent points), a campaign called BAMEOver has been launched. it's an interesting argument that I'm sitting with – Are we stronger together? Or are our individual needs being ignored because we are smushed down into an acronym?

🦅 An exciting new project has landed. Flock Together brings together young POC birdwatchers in London (but also all over the world!) – and you don't have to be experienced to take part.

👗 If you are interested in sustainable fashion, you might be interested in the conversations that have been happening around Lucy&Yak (off of dungaree fame) and sustainable fashion blogger Aja Barber. It initially started as a conversation around more inclusive sizing, but it has spiralled into something much larger, which touches on paid consultancy/ chats, sharing of customer photos on social and the importance of fostering a positive online community around a brand. To really dive deep into what is going on, you'll need to take a journey through Instagram videos and comments from both sides. A good place to start is the first response video from Aja, which gives a better overview of the main points around accountability. A LOT has happened since this point. I'd like to note that things have got quite nasty (and we all know how I feel about hate at individuals being thrown around online).

👩‍👧‍👦 Lots of social embeds from me this month, which probably says a lot about how I've been spending my time. The post below on Facebook about girls and autism had me all emotional.

🏥 This story about the hospital the Nazis could never find in the mountains in Slovenia really highlights the strength of spirit of individuals. The hospital treated soldiers from both sides and was only accessible by canoe.

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