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TYMHM: Start of August


My regular feature sharing some interesting things that I've seen, heard or read over the last few weeks: they are Things That You Might Have Missed.

🍏 This advert from Apple made me choke on my coffee this morning. It's a dry humour take on 'work from home' life with some useful Apple products thrown in, of course.

🧗‍♀️ Pretty exciting news for climbers. Pre-lim research suggests that climbing chalk 'deactivates' COVID19 – well we always knew it was magic, but I definitely didn't see that coming. However, further research is required to really test this theory so don't start taking your chalk bag to the supermarket... at least not yet.

🧳 I attended a super interesting online event hosted by The British Guild of Travel Writers on Decolonising Travel Writing – check out an overview through the link. (I also plan to write up my own notes in the next couple of weeks to share with you!)

🗺 One of the panelists in the BGTW discussion was travel author Noo Saro-Wiwa. If you are interested in diversifying the travel writing you read, she's compiled a list of 15 travel books written by people of colour.

🏇 I don't know about you, but I had no idea about the possible mental health problems faced by jockeys in the horse racing industry.

🕴️The provocatively named TED article 'Why do so many incompetent men become leaders? And what can we do about it?' is an interesting read. As someone who specialised in women in leadership, it's great to read more mainstream articles challenging the status quo... and particularly our weird obsession with charismatic leaders, who are far more likely to crash and burn taking others down with them.

🔥 Outdoor advocate and former 'Eden' participant Katie Tunn has been sharing her top tips for #LeaveNoTrace when getting out and about now lockdown is lifting for some of us. Her Instagram account has featured advice on everything from dealing with 💩 (see below) to the ethics of geotagging. I've learnt things, you might too.

👂 I've been listening to podcasts to help me distract me from the fact that I'm running, when I'm running. One of my best new discoveries is The Diversity Gap podcast. This podcast series covers diversity from the perspective of different experts, with different backgrounds and approaches. Below is the one I listened to today, which is an interview with Stephanie Ghoston – a coach who works specifically with black women and has some interesting thoughts on self-limiting beliefs tied to societal factors.

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