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Weekly Round Up: 9th – 15th March


I'm not counting, but if I was...

Decent-length (dog) walks: 3

Meditation sessions: 1

Art sessions: 2

Gym sessions: 2

Books finished: 0 (Currently reading: Brit(ish): On Race, Identity and Belonging)

  • Drew a slightly improved picture of my dog… the art struggle continues…
  • Bought shoes for my best friends’ wedding that only cost me £6. I wasn’t even aware anything cost that little anymore.
  • Decided that I want to ‘green’ my living room, so it looks a little something like my Pinterest board here.
  • Discovered that Greggs is much more cost-effective than Pret for a grab-and-go lunch
  • Went to see the musical Company (and discovered it was about a 35-year-old single woman surrounded by her married friends).

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