• Bucket List

    Inspired by Bex Band's Bucket List, I've moved my Future List online.

    Key: Green = completed, Orange = in process, Grey = to do!


    1. Become fluent in a foreign language
    2. Understand three languages
    3. Learn front crawl
    4. Learn to dive
    5. Learn to SUP
    6. Learn how to sail
    7. Do an art masters course
    8. Learn to free dive


    1. Be paid to write
    2. Write a book
    3. Give a TED talk
    4. Teach a uni class
    5. Read 100 books in a year
    6. Sell a piece of my own art
    7. Be someone's mentor
    8. Achieve Mountain Leader award
    9. Write a children's book
    10. Set up a Free Little Library
    11. Have a conservation-based exhibition of my art
    12. Work in sustainability
    13. Take part in a spoken-word poetry event


    1. Dive to a coral reef (I've snorkelled at a coral reef)
    2. Go on an African safari
    3. See a wild orangutan and/ or snow leopard
    4. Go deep water soloing
    5. Wake up on a beach (I've woken up on a sandbar)
    6. Visit Giraffe Manor of the children's book fame
    7. Visit Burning Man
    8. Stay in a treehouse
    9. Do a long-distance horse ride
    10. Do a long-distance walk, like the PCT
    11. Live on an island alone or with one other person for an extended period
    12. Visit St Lucia, as per primary school project
    13. Sail around the world / live on a boat for an extended period of time
    14. Go to a drive-in outdoor cinema
    15. Have an overland journey in Africa (in an electric vehicle)
    16. Become a keeper of a castle
    17. Live on a Scottish island
    18. Go on a ranch holiday
    19. See turtles hatch
    20. See orcas in the wild
    21. Visit the Galapagos
    22. Visit Canada
    23. Visit a US National Park
    24. Camp with the dog
    25. Visit an ocean gyre
    26. Organise my own expedition
    27. Visit Sudan (and family-related places there)
    28. Work remotely somewhere warm for an extended period (I already work remotely and when I travel)
    29. Walk with wild elephants
    30. Go canoeing with the dog
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