• "If you are lucky enough to be the 2% of the world born in the right place, you should be of service to the other 98%"

    – Paul Polman

    Former CEO, Unilever

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    with the Bamboo Bicycle Club London

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    An article I wrote for Adventure Uncovered on diversity in the outdoor community

    Article: Why are surfers more effective environmental campaigners than climbers?

    An article I wrote for Gather Outdoors on effective advocacy on big environmental challenges

  • About Soraya Abdel-Hadi

  • "I want to help you make more mindful decisions

    when you are exploring our planet"

    In 2014, I left my ‘dream job’ to make a difference. I kickstarted my new career by studying sustainability for business. As a reward to myself for handing in my dissertation, I went wild camping and canoeing on the Mississippi river.


    This trip was far more than an adventure holiday – it was a re-connection to nature.

    "I am now spend my time combining my passions –

    sustainability and adventure travel"

    I want to help you to be more mindful in what you do and to understand that individual decisions can make a positive impact on our planet.


    When I'm not travelling or writing, you'll find me organising all-women sailing trips exploring plastics and toxics in our ocean, walking my labradoodle Rory and creating net-positive artwork

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