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A resolved bamboo bike mystery

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Stop the press.

I have worked out why my beautiful new bamboo bike was clunking every time I turned the pedals. I thought it was because there was something serious going on with the bottom barrel (that's not it's official name, that's just what I call it) where the pedals join the bike. It was a problematic part of the build so that seemed to make sense. The bike was still working fine otherwise though, so it seemed sensible to just let it go for now and then get some advice from the Bamboo Bicycle Club at some point post-lockdown as to what I could tweak to make it better.

But fear not, dear reader. Because I have climbed this huge mountain myself. Today, while riding said bike, I discovered that the pedal was hitting the gear cable on every turn of the pedals. This was causing the irritating 'clunk, clunk, clunk'. On making this discovery, I twisted the cable about 30 degrees. No more clunk. I am basically a bike problem-solving genius.

(Yes, I feel stupid and yes, I need to cover up that substantial hole.... I'm on it.)

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