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Just some brands I like...

· Conscious Consumer

On the 21st April, I ran art workshops and gave a talk at the Love Her Wild weekend on how we can all make a difference.

I wanted to encourage others to do this by influencing those around them, choosing fulfilling career directions and changing buying habits. Following my talk, I was asked to recommend five great brands doing good.

I told them that I needed a little bit of time to think about it and, tuh dah, these are just five of my favourite brands at this very moment.

You can lease jeans and they just replace them for you when they wear out, but if that's not your bag you can also just buy from them and send them back when you are done for recycling.

When you buy outdoor stoves from them, they provide off-grid, safe energy for communities all over the world. They've also been carbon neutral since 2015.

They always rank really highly in the sustainable outdoor clothing stakes as they work really hard to not be toxic and follow sustainable practices. Added bonus that their technology is based on how the layers of animal fur work.

Plastic-free toilet paper and kitchen roll, and when you buy from them they give money to sanitation projects globally.

This is an online shop and community run by a lovely guy called Tim. He tries to only stock sustainable items or things from companies trying to do good, and he also sends out great Sunday emails.

Have a great week everyone!

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