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TYMHM: End of Feb

Things you might have missed...


I'm still working on the name for this feature, but I want to be regularly sharing a round-up on interesting things I've seen weekly-ish.

I didn't ever have representative dolls growing up, but it's great to see the toy landscape is starting to shift to reflect its diverse audience with Barbie releasing new dolls for US Black History Month. Not sure where the 'curvy' doll is in the photos though...

Great news on the business case for putting up your employees pay, no matter what their role, in this article here where a boss started paying everyone $70k.

Staying on the theme of businesses doing better, this property firm has stopped employees putting meat on their expenses for 'mostly environmental' reasons.

Remember singer Kelis? My mind was blown this week when I discovered she has bought a sustainable farm and now has goats.

It shouldn't just be all about pandas and lions. Meet the new poster animals for conservation.

And two things to watch...

...the short one... a video highlighting the conflicting advice that women receive daily.

...the longer one... The moving story of hikers living out the dream of Paul, who never managed to fulfil his dream of walking the Appalachian trail.

I share the interesting things I find 'real time' on Twitter – you can follow me @sorayaearth.

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