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TYMHM: Mid June

Things you might have missed...


Every few weeks I share some of the interesting things I've seen or read that you might be interested in too. They are Things You Might Have Missed (TYMHM)!

This time...

🐕 I was quite horrified that an article I thought was about dogs sniffing out disease actually said research shows our pets can be early warning systems for toxics in our environment because they get diseases quicker. Made me hug my dog a little tighter.

🌧 To get all the bad news out the way, have you heard that plastic rain is the new acid rain? The equivalent of 120 million plastic water bottles is falling on protected areas in the US each year.

👩 If you want female voices to be heard in groups, then don't put them into groups as the only woman, this study shows.

🥾 In amongst all my diversity reading this week, I came across this story of a thru hiker breaking stereotypes on the Appalachian Trail. Her description of the lifestyle got me thinking about all my thru hiking dreams.

💕 My favourite self-love post of the year so far is this Instagram post from Jess Megan, so I'm also sharing that self love with you.

🥘 Everyone's favourite fancy food mark, the Michelin Guide, have added a Green Clover to highlight the restaurants that are operating sustainably.

🏄‍♀️ UK surf brand Finisterre have started a mini blog series on Rewilding the Sea. We know that leaving sections of the ocean alone allows for regeneration and improves the fish stocks around the protected area, not just inside it. What if active steps were taken to add things back in?

🐏 Talking of rewilding – they've discovered that if you alleviate the pressure of grazing from areas for long periods of time (years!) all sorts of birds return. This is a long read, but an important one if you're into your rewilding news.

📸 A bit of light relief: I really enjoyed seeing how a travel photographer has been spending her time during lockdown, creating these mini adventure scenes using household items.

🚲 It can be tricky to know what to do when your sport has a sudden influx of keen amateurs, but former pro cyclist Phil Gaimon has some great advice for cycling newbies and veterans.

🚴 Staying on the cycling theme, I enjoyed Changing Gears (shared here by Alistair Humphreys) – a 20-minute short film that followed 5 young Londoners from different backgrounds on a cycle ride from London to Brighton, led by Julian Sayarer.

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