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TYMHM: Mid May

Things you might have missed...


We all know dogs are amazing, but did you know the government are looking into the feasibility of training them as COVID19 detection dogs? Well they are.

Talking of dogs, my dog turned 12 this week and I also read about how dogs behave like human teenagers when they hit puberty. On reading this, I was reminded again how pleased I am that my dog is now 12 and not 6 months.

It shouldn't matter but it does. This article about Adele's weight loss and how the coverage affects how we view our own bodies resonated with me a lot.

As a not-so-secret nature geek, I was super excited to see this movement where people use chalk to 'graffitti' the names of plants onto city paths. Legally I'm probably supposed to also mention at this point that this behaviour is illegal... This. Is. Illegal. There, my duty is now fulfilled.

COVID19 has disrupted the whole world, but some Australian tour operators are putting their enforced downtime to a positive use by planting coral along the Great Barrier Reef.

Isabella Tree has the first baby storks in the UK since 1416 on her re-wilded Knepp Estate in West Sussex. It has reminded me to bump her book Wilding up my reading list!

When I was studying law, I would quite often fall asleep after reading one page. While yawning my way through a project last week, I googled it. Turns out boredom can actually send you to sleep.

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